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domenica 21 ottobre 2007

Monsignore gay atto quinto

Che dobbiamo avere notizie sulla questione dagli USA piuttosto che dall'Italia la dice lunga sulla questione......
Ecco di nuovo qualche segnalazione dell'amico Sal, stavolta in inglese per velocizzare la comunicazione

Dossier dei clerici gay nel Vaticano,
di monsignore curiale sospeso

Detailed dossier of Vatican gay clergy,
by suspended Curia monsignor Tommaso Stenico


Dear friends:

We have all known for a very long time that many homosexual clergy
[so deeply closeted] are at the Vatican; but who could ever have
thought or imagined that, in his excessive zeal, a high-ranking
priest -- in the Curia's very own Congregation for the Clergy --
would have gathered together vast amounts of stealthily-obtained
information about these clandestine Vatican gay clergy!

That, apparently, has been done by none other than the recently
suspended monsignor Tommaso Stenico.

It was bad enough that he was conducting his own "private research"
into those gay men who allegedly would systematically seduce many
Roman Catholics priests, and that Stenico himself was caught by
hidden camera in seducing a young gay man, working undercover for the
Italian television station La7. This could be constued simply as a
relatively small private scandal, involving only one individual, a
Vatican official gone too far astray, for whatever personal reasons
and motivations.

It is now immensely worse that monsignor Stenico was also gathering
vast amounts of information about gay clergy at the Vatican itself.
This could be construed enormously as a relatively large public
scandal, orchestrated by a well-placed Vatican insider that will
indeed have far-reaching ramifications and implications.

By the way, for some unclear reasons, the original expose' article by
well-known journalist Ignazio Ingrao at the generally conservative
Panorama web-site [in Italy] is no longer available. How can this be
explained? This article was supposedly published on the Internet on
Friday, 19 October 2007.

http://blog. panorama. it/italia/ ?p=1102

Nessun articolo corrisponde a questa pagina. [No article corresponds
to this page.]
"Adescamento, bugie e videotape: i dossier sui gay di Monsignore
Stenico" - "Seducement, lies and videotape: the dossiers on gays by
Monsignor Stenico"

Until the Vatican hierarchy genuinely starts realizing that same-sex
attractions and gay love are not abnormal, but rather are valuable
and necessary variations within positive human sexualities and
relationships, then the Vatican will continue to remain scandalized
by its own incomprehensive beliefs and behaviors.

May the Roman Catholic church, as well as all of our Christian
denominations, become increasingly cognizant that God is Love, and
that humans are reflections of this multi-dimensional divine love, as
we love one another - in all our range of capabilities, whether
straight or gay - fully appreciating and loving our neighbors as
ourselves, in our clergy as well as in our laity.

Let us be aware of the splendor of God's immense love for us, even
before time and space has existed for some 15 billion years, and that
human love in all of its devoted variations - straight or gay - might
be seen as true reflections of Jesus Christ's all-embracing love for
each and every one of us, in our individual uniquenesses and
affectional orientations.
--- Sal


http://newsinfo. inquirer. net/breakingnews /world/view_ article.php?
Published on Friday, 19 October 2007

"Suspended Catholic cleric has Vatican gay list"
... Report by Agence France-Presse


ROME -- A high profile Vatican cleric suspended after he was shown on
television making advances to a young man allegedly had a list of
homosexual priests and bishops in the Roman Catholic Church's
governing body, Italy's Panorama weekly reported Friday [19 October

Father Tommaso Stenico, 60, had "a detailed dossier" of all the
homosexual clerics at Vatican "with a list of names and circumstances
implicating a certain number of priests and even bishops working at
the Curia," Ignazio Ingrao, reporter for the conservative news weekly
[Panorama] said.

Stenico also sent his superior Cardinal Claudio Hummes a report
denouncing the moral degradation within the Curia, which could make
the Vatican "tremble," Ingrao said.

According to Panorama, Stenico, who also worked for a Catholic
television station Telepace and owns a white BMW car, also drew up
the list out of resentment at having waited so long to be named a

A hidden camera in his office showed the priest, who worked in a
Vatican department managing the 400,000 Roman Catholic priests around
the world, declaring himself an "active homosexual" and making sexual
advances to a young man.

On October 1, 2007, Italian television station La7 aired footage from
the encounter showing the two men with their faces blurred.

Stenico argued he had been trapped and had falsely stated he was
homosexual "in order to unmask those who really are."

Last week, the Vatican suspended the priest and opened an

Should Stenico be found guilty of homosexuality, which the Roman
Catholic church bans, he risks being defrocked.

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